Saturday, December 10, 2005

of walls as rickshaws

did this piece a while back , but saw this interesting thing today...they built a tea store infront of it lol... free publicity ? hear its a popular tea spot wit the richshawalas..."meet u infront of the Art store" lol.... notice the 2 guys enjoying a cup on top of the wall there lol

Why not ? thoeze 2 guyz frm ma class wonderin why da fuk dis guy does this lol

Rikshaw Tag :)

this wall piece is the second basic stylez , 2nd test... still too toy... & a long way to go !!

not much effort went into this...kinda uninspired....was sittin beside some kids who'r all studying to become doctors and engineers...dono if tat encouraged or discouraged me...

capitalism increases phony value...aka sugar coat da sh*t..... saw these unwated shoes by da road side....painted it golden...wonder if its still gona b ther tomorow :)

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