Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wavez n human rights

done on bus , shameless promotion , still incomplete..

this one took a WHILE ! all the writing went up double time cuz of the shading... testing this Style... promise the next ones gona b lot better ! :-D

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Politics,Bustag & Smuct Symbol tag

simple spray , my uni symbol tag'd rite beside the uni...hope i dont get into trouble for this one lol...
This is my first spray tag inside a bus , had only 2 colors today.. plus this bus moves a LOT while its moving !!

"politics" done during Design class...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Radom Acts of Marker update'd

found the "Dil Kush" written with boring single line on the seat ... just added a lil color... on way bak frm klass.. chk out the bus..its got a TV ! and it worked too :0) they were showing an Amir khan flick...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

smiles n hugs...

this is called "HUG-U" ..umm...bengali ppl will understand the potty humur in that lol... its still incomplete.. done on way back frm class ...

this was done on way 2 class... bright eyed...ready for another boring day in class... this too incompleteish...

Random Acts Of Markers

this was done on a white board in class...after a booring exam... not much details.... jus had lil time b4 class finished..then ran home..

Dont Fuk Dont Call

okay so a re-occuring theme on most dhaka Volvo buses seem to be "IF U WANT TO FUdGe Me CALL - xxxnumberxxx " Soo even though i didnt wanna swear...its a Fuk Me Parody...

History,prikly Luv & Zooish

desk top during boring history class..
made on way 2 collage > there was this nice couple sittin in front of me...hand in hand the whole way on the bus.... instant inspiration...

fell asleep on the way bak .... didnt have much time to fix this up... if i get up on this bus again... this is gona get a lil more colorfull for sheeze...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

DeMonZ of da MIND

BOO !! i love these Tables :) flip 'em around and its a perfect plastic canvuz..

free flying

no titanic... shes enjoying the a/c air... in an a/c bus offcourse...

subliminal product placement

granting life to another
desk thanx to another boring english class...

First Commision'd

this gurl frm class ask'd for a piece on her note book.... then she goes like shundor hoinai (not nice) *humf* cant belive their actually studying in a "creative" university..jeez..

MAke ArT NoT WaR

darnn flash..

ExperiMents In CoLoR

Hmmm... looks better in color :)

affluence breeds poverty

stick it to the (global) MAN , yupp its goin there..

Random Lessons in Simple Confusions

another booring Color Class... done under desk... thank god for the desks...

The Final Piece

looks a lil better , a lil "full"er hopefully....

Marker 1 color

killin time on the bus..

MonKie Boi !!

hes frm the family guy :)

Cow TAG !!

disclaimer : no cows were harmed during this tagging

self potrait

somewhere in dhaka city...

My Room..

while im on a stencil spree... note the lil banksy tribute , monkey on bomb... on the left...

Barts Vampire Cuzin

umm decorated seats

self addvertizing...another day in the fame game...

nutin complicated

simple shoutout

Bart the UnderAchiEveR

made this after i didnt do good in da exams ma self :'(


Tentions of Us

Yo ShanTo ! Bravo shoutout

this was really fun ! im gona do more cartoons ... the kids seem 2 like it much more !!


the whole country is on a delicated balance with the real poor doing most of the REAL hard work.... the sun dosnt shine through for them .. currency allways blocked by something or the other...

first face stencil

this was an experimental stencil taken off the net , just added my name to it... but discontinued after a few sprays. It was just for trial..and the Trail results were Awsome !!

step 2

the next day a lil color added ...

Work Less Dream More..

tag'd da bus... no one said nothing :-S which only makes me wanna put MORE !!

step 1

like quiting smoking , this tag was done step by step..wit new layers added on different days....the tag is part graff part stencil..


my fingers after a great tag.. looks like nail polish eh ?

check out the "S" ;)

they painted over it

so what happens is that , the ppl who advertize paint yellow spots on the walls and let it dry for a few days and come back and paint their add on it . So i made my tag on one of these spots and wala... they still put up their add.. LoL

Saturday, October 22, 2005

After Spray

this is what it looked liked after the spray... note to self... add bones to the O for a better effect...

Smoking = Suicide

Yupp Its True !!

2 gurls

hmmm now that i look at it , it really doesnt look ALL THAT lol



Smoking is BAD for YOUR health and every one around you too !!

The TAKA MonsTer

Greedy Green , its allwayz hungry and never out for these...