Wednesday, March 14, 2007

latezt sketchez

wanted to work on some rectangualr shaped pillars...
the "system" is allwayz out to get YOU !!
aye papi , sKaNdaLoUz !
ahhh last nitez xperimental , 3d Kuter , all cut up !
Soo these are all the latest till now , my uniz out so im gona go home 2 old dhaka for a few dayz ...hopef ya'll gona gimme a shout , lemme know wat u think 'bout all this.... good bad watever jus lemme know !!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Time Lapse Photo for SMUCT

To see "THE MAKING OF" piece below in super fast time lapse
(615 kb ) so would be harsh on the link of u wanna go take a look by choice
( thanx to ShangMang for taking these pix , this was done in the SMUCT campus in Uttora )


Markerz n Spray on Board

Sneak Peak in the BlakBook


i jus color'd dis in last nite , i'll put tat pic up soon..

Car Final

notice the silver tires
this was directly stenciled on the car ,2 b honest it didnt look all tat great.

from nice clean cressida to this

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Car Next Steps

learn from xperience b ur own teacher
mess wit ur dads car lol
damn this one took a while ( 2 hrs ++ )
my dads initials ( on the back window )